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November 4, 2022  

Snapewives | Dr. Zoe Alderton

November 4, 2022

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I am joined by Dr. Zoe Alderton to explore the Snapewives: a short-lived new religious movement that declared Professor Snape from the Harry Potter books their master and husband.

Zoe Alderton is a trans-disciplinary researcher specialising in academic communications and the promotion of scholarly excellence. She has a passion for helping students achieve transforming learning experiences as they strive to be scholars both in the world and during their time at university or college. She is dedicated to helping everyone get the most out of their commitment to education.

Zoe has been involved with the education sector since her childhood, watching her mother develop dynamic classroom environments. This exposure gave Zoe a grounding in the student experience, which she has now transplanted to her broad teaching experiences in the tertiary sector. After being the youngest person in her department to be awarded first class honours and a PhD, Zoe has worked in a number of academic and publishing positions across an impressive range of disciplines.

She has been employed by a range of universities and has helped them in their development of exciting curricula and innovative course design. These include the University of Sydney, Western Sydney University, Australian Catholic University, and the University of New England.

Zoe has taught in the fields of Studies in Religion, Sociology, Theology, Writing Studies, and Economics. In each of these discipline areas she has shown students how to carefully examine their own processes of learning. She then develops each student’s capacity for scholarly reflection by teaching them key strategies and skills for significant results in assessment tasks and research production.

Additionally, her work in innovative teaching design in the School of Economics at the University of Sydney has demonstrated to her and her students that the highest standards of understanding are linked inextricably with the highest standards in academic communication.

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