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November 12, 2018  

What is Marxism? Feat. Rob Larson

In this episode of Sacred Tension I sit down with socialist professor and author Rob Larson to give some basic definitions for oft-misrepresented terms, primarily Marxism and Socialism. We also discuss the existential threat of capitalism as it relates to climate change, why figures like Jordan Peterson are so popular, and much more. 

November 5, 2018  

(Repost) Christian Movies Suck, feat. Say Goodnight Kevin

(Repost) I talk to YouTuber Say Goodnight Kevin about why Christian movies are so horrible.

October 30, 2018  

After School Satan, feat. Chalice Blythe of The Satanic Temple

Logic, science, and reason are coming for your children.

October 23, 2018  

Theology and Social Justice Pt. 2

Danielle and I conclude our conversation on social justice and the gospel.

October 15, 2018  

Theology and Social Justice Pt. 1

Danielle and I sit down to discuss the recent statement on social justice and the gospel from various evangelical leaders. In the process, we talk about priviledge, race, science, and much more. 

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October 8, 2018  

Out of Evangelicalism, feat. Blake Chastain

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I talk to Exvangelical Podcast host Blake Chastain about recovering from evangelicalism, the importance of ritual, the harms of purity culture, and much more. 

October 2, 2018  

Getting Naked With the Naked Pastor

David Hayward, AKA the Naked Pastor, is a retired minister who now helps guide people through the challenges of theological deconstruction. He leads the Lasting Supper online community, and is the cartoonist behind the Naked Pastor comics. 

In this conversation we discuss his journey out of traditional Christianity, his deconstruction, and the road to healthy spirituality.

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September 25, 2018  

Responding to Revoice, Pt. 4: Homosexuality and Shame

Timothy and I conclude our 4-part response to the Revoice conference with our reaction to Wesley Hill's talk. We discuss shame, homosexuality, the supposed immutability of God's law, and why God's law is wrong anyway.

September 18, 2018  

Responding to Revoice, Pt. 3: Homosexuality and Freedom in Christ

Timothy and I continue our response to the Revoice conference. In this episode, we respond to a testimony by Becca, who says that, while she is still attracted to women, she has found freedom in Christ, and that the gay "lifestyle" will ultimate disappoint.

September 10, 2018  

Responding to Revoice, P1. 2: Homosexuality and Lament

Timothy and I continue our response to the Revoice conference, and in this episode we respond to talks by Nate Collins and Ray Low on the topic of homosexuality and lament. We explore where we agree and disagree, and while we affirm the grief expressed in these talks over the mistreatment of LGBT people, we worry about the consequences of the theology Revoice espouses.

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