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July 9, 2018  

Greg The Satanist Answers Your Questions

July 9, 2018

Can you be religious and an atheist? Can you disbelieve in spirits while also defending your religious freedom? We live in a culture that has hard boundaries between these territories, and they are enforced by all sides, atheists and religious alike. The assumption that religion = theism is deeply imbedded in our culture, but it might be blocking progress to a more rational, reasonable, and humane religion.

Greg Stevens of the Satanic Temple joins me to discuss non-theistic religion, the activism of The Satanic Temple, the importance of religion for atheists, and to answer questions from my listeners about The Satanic Temple. 

Among the questions asked are:

- Why Satan? Why, of all the deities to worship, do you choose Satan?

- Why degrade Christian symbols that so many Christians deem holy? Isn’t that counter-productive?

- How has the election of Donald Trump effected the Temple?

- Is Satanism purely reactionary to Christianity? What would Satanism look like in other cultures?