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July 9, 2018  

Greg The Satanist Answers Your Questions

Can you be religious and an atheist? Can you disbelieve in spirits while also defending your religious freedom? We live in a culture that has hard boundaries between these territories, and they are enforced by all sides, atheists and religious alike. The assumption that religion = theism is deeply imbedded in our culture, but it might be blocking progress to a more rational, reasonable, and humane religion.

Greg Stevens of the Satanic Temple joins me to discuss non-theistic religion, the activism of The Satanic Temple, the importance of religion for atheists, and to answer questions from my listeners about The Satanic Temple. 

Among the questions asked are:

- Why Satan? Why, of all the deities to worship, do you choose Satan?

- Why degrade Christian symbols that so many Christians deem holy? Isn’t that counter-productive?

- How has the election of Donald Trump effected the Temple?

- Is Satanism purely reactionary to Christianity? What would Satanism look like in other cultures? 

July 2, 2018  

Catching the Faith Superbug

In this Episode of Sacred Tension, Danielle and I chat about what would make us lose faith in Christianity, what still scars us from our evangelical pasts, our favorite Catholic saints, why we eventually came to affirm gay relationships, and much more.

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June 25, 2018  

Out of the Closet, Pt. 3: Theosis

Matt and I wrap up our conversation with Timothy by discussing, among many other things, Theosis: the spiritual concept that ultimately led Timothy out of the closet. Theosis is the belief that God is working to unite all things to Himself, and what this taught Timothy about his own sexual orientation is profound. 

June 18, 2018  

Out Of the Closet, Pt. 2: Theological Metamorphosis

Matt and I continue our conversation with Timothy, unpacking his journey of coming out. Timothy discusses the gradual theological transformation that led to his liberation and fundamental shift of worldview.


June 11, 2018  

Out Of the Closet, Pt. 1: The Gay Evangelical Ghetto

In this episode of Sacred Tension, Matt and I are honored to share our conversation with Timothy, an old friend in the process of coming out of the closet. He shares what life was like as a conservative Christian, the importance of authenticity, the health consequences of the closet, the Gay evangelical ghetto, and much more.

June 4, 2018  

Cults and New Religious Movements, feat. Joseph Laycock

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I have a fascinating conversation with cult expert Joseph Laycock. He answers questions from me and my audience about new religious movements, and sheds enormous clarity on our culture in the process. We talk about why we differentiate between cults and religions, the history of the cult wars, new religions that have emerged in the past five years, whether or not cult brain washing is real, whether cults are an American phenomenon, and much more.

May 28, 2018  

Exploring Satanism, Pt. 2: Carnal Religion

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I continue my conversation with Satanic Temple spokesperson Greg Stevens about the core seven tenets of the Satanic Temple. Along the way, we talk about freedom of speech, bodily autonomy, the significance of how we treat our neighbor, the importance of science in shaping belief, and much more.

May 14, 2018  

Christian Movies Suck, feat. Say Goodnight Kevin

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I talk to the hilarious and insightful youtuber Kevin McCreary of Say Goodnight Kevin fame. We discuss his childhood as a Christian homeschooler, his firing from Focus on the Family, and why Christian movies are so gag-inducingly terrible. 

Kevin makes a living critiquing terrible Christian movies on youtube. Find his channel at

April 23, 2018  

Gender Apocalypse: The Danvers Statement, Pt. 1

In this episode of Sacred Tension, Danielle, Donald, and I discuss the Danvers Statement. The Danvers Statement is a statement from the Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood on gender roles in the church, home, and culture. Danielle leads the charge with a complete breakdown on why the statement falls apart at the seams.

While the Danvers Statement seems dusty, arcane, and out of touch, it is still important. It still shapes the way many people understand family, gender, and culture. Underlying the Danvers Statement is an infallible reading of scripture which, like a house of cards, collapses under its own weight. Scripture is far too huge, ancient, and complex to be held to the standards that the CBMW try to hold it to.

The result is an impoverished and potentially abusive view of scripture, culture, and, ultimately, women.

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April 2, 2018  

Gay, Christian, HIV Positive

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I talk to gay Christian activist and blogger Donald Scherschligt about his recent HIV diagnosis, and how he is integrating his HIV positive status into his life and faith. Donald speaks vulnerably and beautifully about the first moment he found out he is positive, the politics of HIV, the cognitive shift that takes place when one receives a positive diagnosis, and much, much more. 

You can find Donald at, and on twitter @donnysurelegit. He is also the editor in chief of SKEW, a Level Ground magazine, which you can find at

Do you or someone you know need help or resources on HIV? Donald has provided me with resources for anyone who might need care or want to learn more:

Everything you could ever want to know and more about HIV:

To find an HIV testing center in your local area:

To find PrEP providers, I recommend a couple places: First,

Second, If you live in a "healthcare desert" (a location where access to PrEP is unavailable due to legal or geographical limitations), learn about Nurx and get their app. They're an amazing telemedicine start-up that is making access to this pill incredibly easy:

If you need help affording PrEP:

To learn more about the history of the AIDS crisis: "How To Survive A Plague" is an infuriating, moving, powerful, amazing film and a must-watch for anyone who wants to learn about ACT UP and AIDS. It's totally worth the $3 for a rental on YouTube: